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Why I Scrog

The Reason Why…

 A lot of people ask me… “Hey, NorthernScrogger. What the heck is scrogging anyway?” And also “What do you love so much about it that you would spend hours in your grow room training and caring for your plants???”


First off, scrogging is a style of growing cannabis. Just as any other type of farmer would train certain types of plants for growth, so do I. Except my technique involves the use of a screen, called a “scrog screen” to train the plants horizontally below the screen in a tucking fashion (note: not weaving).


Scrogging Tips

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Scrog Tip #12 – Keeping the Screen Level

Scrog Tip #12 – Keeping the Screen Level

I’ve had a lot of people writing me telling me scrogging is not for beginners.

Scrog Tip #11 – When 2 Plants Meet

Scrog Tip #11 – When 2 Plants Meet

If you are starting a scrog for the very first time, dont just jump in

Scrog Tip #10 – Tucking Trick

Scrog Tip #10 – Tucking Trick

Who would have thought there were so many tips to scrogging??? 🤓 Its not just

Client Photo
Zakarry Champalala Customer

very cool I recommend it

Client Photo
Jus Kal · Customer

This dude is a Vegician. that's right a Vegetative Magician. He makes Magick out of plants. and I plan to try his methods soon.

Client Photo
Justin Franco Customer

A real genuine person that wants everyone to succeed at scrogging! I plan on using his methods I feel like he maximize his plants & in the end gets really good yields. He always try’s to get back to everyone when they ask him questions be patient he is one person trying to help entire group.

Client Photo
Bryan Barkley Customer

If you are looking to maximize your growing space and your lights you couldn’t find anyone better! The Northernscrogger is an amazing teacher with patience and truly cares about what he’s doing. From seed to harvest and everything in between he can help you

Client Photo
Bams Closet Customer

great personality, great tips